Top Ten Activities in Vancouver, British Columbia
by Kristine Lat

Spring in Vancouver signals the beginning of renewal after the winter months in the city. The mild temperatures in the lower mainland spare many residents the fury of the snowy season, but the first signs of spring are always eagerly awaited as the rainy, cold and overcast weather can be in itself a wintry experience.

We at Venture Vancouver have compiled a list of the Top Ten Activities in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Many of these activities can be undertaken at any time of the year.

1. VanDusen Gardens, Central Vancouver: One of many gardens in the Vancouver region, this city park located in the heart of the Shaughnessy borough teems with life in the spring and summer months, offering a variety of activities for children and adults. Best known for its famed Cherry Blossom Festival, the VanDusen Gardens are one of the most popular destinations in the city.

2. Museum of Anthropology, UBC Campus: Though not every day in Vancouver is immune from the early season's rain, there are however many activities inside that express the power of renewal. The Museum of Anthropology offers both an indoor and outdoor exhibition of native work, a collection sure to impress any visitor. The outdoor recreation of the Haida village along with the startling coastal atmosphere of the Point Grey Campus makes this spring activity a favorite.

3. Seawall, Vancouver: Stretching over 22km long, the Seawall epitomizes beauty, and likewise, fury. The Seawall begins near Canada place and winds its way to Coal Harbor, then around Stanley Park, through the West End, around False Creek to its end point at Kitsilano Beach. Several signs of Spring can be seen along this Oceanside path such as the new chicks following their parents, the broad leaf trees beginning to bud and the boaters going out to sea to enjoy the warmer seasonal weather. The Seawall is one of Vancouver's best Spring activities to watch the ocean shores come to life after its winter hibernation.

4. Whytecliff Park, West Vancouver: One of the most stunning Oceanside West Vancouver Parks is also its smallest. Whytecliff Park, along with Whytecliff Island have been a tourist mecca for years, offering panoramic scenery, spectacular sunsets and views of the many ships in the nearby straight including the ferries making their way to and from nearby Horseshoe Bay. This park is a highly visited Spring area as it takes a few weeks for the snow to melt from the higher hiking regions, therefore popularizing the milder ocean front parks. Small flowers, buds on trees and nesting birds (eagles and geese frequent the shores), create a magical experience unmatched in Vancouver as Spring slowly unfurls on the shores of the West Coast.

5. Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver: The Spring melt from the snow in the mountains creates a bevvy of waterfalls along the North Shore Mountains - places such as Lynn Canyon Park see its highest water volumes in the early months of the year showcasing spectacular waterfalls as seen from many of the trails criss-crossing this reserve. Whether crossing the precarious looking suspension bridge or enjoying a walk to two of the parks famed sights - the thirty foot pool and the twin falls - or even taking in a lesson at the nearby ecology center, Spring is abundant in the Lynn Canyon region, ushering in a promise of the Summer months.

6. Capilano Regional Park, North Vancouver: This spectacular lower level park in the North Vancouver region straddles the Capilano River which begins at the base of the nearby Cleveland Dam and consists of hikes, stairs, bridges, lookouts and the nearby Capilano Fish Hatcheries. Avid Fishermen and curious visitors flock to the Regional Park to view the large salmon jumping the fish ladder or resting in the pool and to learn about the unique processes created to sustain the area after alterations to the ecosystem, in this case, the construction of the Cleveland Dam. Spring sees new creatures in the park, hikers, kayaking and trees blooming along the many trails.

7. Children's Farmyard, Stanley Park: Farms are very much indicative of what the season Spring means to many. Baby animals of all varieties begin to emerge from the barns, taking in their first outdoor experiences. The Children's Farmyard is no exception. Animals from sheep to goats to pigs to roosters and even rabbits call this cozy farm home, and Spring ushers in a new generation of animals to the enjoyment of adults and children alike.

8. Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park: Lost Lagoon is truly a favorite among Spring activities in Vancouver. A walk around this man-made lake offers an experience unlike anywhere in the city. Hundreds of animals call the lagoon home - goslings, ducklings, baby raccoons and a variety of other species which call this body of water home fill the lagoon with life. Viewing the new generation of Stanley Park creatures is a favorite activity accentuated by the lilies, trees and grasses which cultivate the spring environment with growth and renewal.

9. Heronry, Stanley Park: Most unassuming people walk under this strange spring event without realizing what they have stumbled upon. The Stanley Park Heronry is where dozens of pairs of Great Blue Herons come to nest in a group of around twenty trees. Nesting over two stories above the ground, excited visitors watch from Spring to Summer as the fledgling herons grow big and strong and soon take flight. This spring sight is unlike any other as Herons are usually reclusive creatures, preferring to be along and are scarcely seen near humans. This is a Spring activity worth the wait!

10. Ted & Mary Grieg Rhododendron Gardens, Stanley Park: Spring is at its finest in this one acre area encircling the Stanley Park Pitch and Putt Golf Course. This amazing array of flowers within the Park's boundaries stun all whom visit this section of the park. Filled with blooms ranging from bright pink to yellow, white and even purple, this Spring explosion of color is one of the most amazing sights in the region of Vancouver. Notoriously finicky plants, these Rhododendrons thrive in their West Coast environment livening up the pathways creating a perfect Spring experience.

Venture Vancouver is situated in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The site works to promote Vancouver and its surrounding regions in its many activities ranging from beautiful Stanley Park, to its surrounding mountains and to its beaches.  To find out about more activities not listed in this article in the Vancouver region visit:
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